1) час, проміжок часу
2) пора року
- acquisition time - actual airborne time - aero-tow glider flight time - arrival time - astronomical time - block-to-block time - braking time - check-in time - chock-to-chock time - clearance void time - coordinated universal time - departure time - down time - dual instruction time - duty time - engine ground test time - error-free running time - estimated elapsed time - estimated off-block time - estimated time of arrival - estimated time of checkpoint - estimated time of departure - expected approach time - fault time - flight time - flight block time - flight dual instruction time - flight duty time - flotation time - flyover time - full operating time - glider flight time - Greenwich mean time - ground operating time - gust formation time - instrument flight time - instrument ground time - instrument time - key down time - landing gear extension time - lead time - life time - local time - maintenance time - mean solar time - mean time between failures - Newtonian time - observation time - off time - on time - orbit phasing time - out-of-service time - partial operating time - partial rise time - pulse decay time - pulse rise time - recovery time - relay time - release time - repair time - rise time - scheduled departure time - service time - solo flight time - time between failures - time of arrival - time of coincidence - time of flight - time to failure - time to repair - total estimated elapsed time - traffic release time - transfer time - transit time - transponder dead time - trip time - true time - turnaround time - Zebra time

Англійсько-український словник авіаційних термінів / Уклад.: Р.О. Гільченко. - К.: НАУ. 2009.


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